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 Multiverse-mashup: Crossover Superhero RPG

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PostSubject: Multiverse-mashup: Crossover Superhero RPG   Multiverse-mashup: Crossover Superhero RPG Clock10Fri Apr 01, 2016 8:37 am

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New York is home to around 20,000,000 inhabitants...unfortunately not all of it’s citizens are playing by the rules

All of New York’s outlaws and Gotham’s criminals are out in full force, each fight to be crowned the “King” or “Queen”.

The Luchi Mob, are operating a very effective organized crime ring out of the Bronx, and are steadily taking ground with their cold, systematic style, neutralizing or eliminating anyone who stands in their way.
While The Joker and his Merry Misfits, are out to do whatever they want, when they want, plunging Gotham and the rest of New York into further lawlessness and chaos.

But the darker the night gets, the brighter the light shines and a government sanctioned confederation of heroes and heroines have risen up to help the overstretched law enforcement officers clean up the streets.

Whether You want to be a team player or a lone agent; You can join in the fight for justice, take on the role of an outlaw vying for the crown, or simply try to navigate your way through the unrest as a normal citizen.

You can play as nearly any comic, tv show or movie character you want and original characters are welcome too!

Time and setting: Present day. Gotham City and the rest of New York.

We have recently opened so join and help get the party started!!!

Tell your friends about us!
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Multiverse-mashup: Crossover Superhero RPG

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