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 A friend of a friend. (Ana)

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Wesley van de Camp
Wesley van de Camp

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A friend of a friend. (Ana) Empty
PostSubject: A friend of a friend. (Ana)   A friend of a friend. (Ana) Clock10Sat May 21, 2016 5:05 am

Wesley stood in front of the mirror on his built in wardrobe and studied his appearance in the suit and tie that he was wearing.
Wesley felt comfortable in his suits, it was how he liked to dress, but they were not exactly the right look to be sporting at a casual party.

He held a smart-casual shirt against his chest. It was a wide-striped, multicoloured thing and Wesley began to wonder why he even owned it. He pulled it away and then let out a sigh.

The party was not until tonight and Wesley was not sure why he was making such a fuss choosing what to wear.
The party was being hosted by a friend of his dear friend Allison, and he had never even met the lady before, so why all the fuss?
“Because you are going to the party with Alison, and you are meeting her other friends for the first time.” Came the thought subtly whispering through his mind.

Wesley was not the type to often care what other people thought of him, but Alison meant a great deal to him and he wanted to make a good impression on her friends.

Wesley took two more shirts off the rail in his built in wardrobe and tried them against himself, “Oh, this is going to take a while.” He mused out loud, with a touch of hopelessness.

“Are you alright up there, Wesley?” His mother called from downstairs.

“Yes, Mother.” He replied.

Wesley had come to terms with the fact that he once again lived with is parents due to his Myasthenia gravis, but he was certainly not going to ask Mummy to help him dress, no matter how much he was struggling to put an outfit together for tonight.
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Ana Hernandez
Ana Hernandez

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PostSubject: Re: A friend of a friend. (Ana)   A friend of a friend. (Ana) Clock10Sat Jun 18, 2016 8:26 am

Ana was standing in front of the mirror in her room. Picking outfits was the easiest thing to her. Maybe because she didn't really have to think about what she wore. She just wasn't the typical kind of woman who would spent hours in front of the closet finding nothing to wear. She hated being overly girly.
Well, she did have a feminine side and she liked putting on pretty dresses and some nice, decent make-up, but she wouldn't want to look like a popular teen-princess in High School. She was way too old for that anyway.

Tonight, Ana had picked a navy-blue dress with a nice, flowing skirt that ended at her knees. She loved that dress, it was one of her favourites to wear when she was going out to a party or just dancing with some friends. She didn't wear earrings today, just a delicate silver necklace that her best friend Cristina had once given her as a birthday present. Ana wore that necklace almost every day. Except for training, since jewellery wasn't allowed during Judo, for obvious reasons.
Matching to the dress and necklace, Ana wore silver, heeled sandals.

she said to herself, smiling as she checked herself in the mirror once again.

She had been invited to a small party at a friends house. She met her at the studio, were Ana was teaching Judo. She was one of the students there and somehow they just got to talk and eventually they became sort of friends. Ana had contemplated staying home, since she wouldn't know anybody else there, but she eventually decided to go, figuring that she couldn't say no to that new friend of hers. Ana sighed, then nodded self-assuring, grabbed her purse and went downstairs. She said goodbye to her family, her mother telling her to be cautious on her way, and then Ana was on her way.
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Wesley van de Camp
Wesley van de Camp

Location : Miami
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PostSubject: Re: A friend of a friend. (Ana)   A friend of a friend. (Ana) Clock10Mon Jun 20, 2016 9:57 am

After deciding on an outfit, Wesley had gone down stairs to his desk to do some studying before the party.
He had his nose in one of his law books when his mother walked past, “It’s six thirty, Dear.” She told him, placing a hand affectionately on his shoulder as she went.

Wesley looked around at the clock on the wall, “Oh, right. Thank you.” How the time had flown by.

That gave Wesley enough time to shower and dress before the party at started as 7:30. He closed his book and went back up stairs to get ready.

He had decided to wear a dress shirt and a vest, with a pair of stylish jeans. It was a great look for a party, without straying too far from usual apparel.

His mother, Vivian, smiled as she saw him coming down the stairs. He did look rather handsome, “You look nice, Dear.”

“Thank you, Mother.” He replied, as he took his jacket from the hooks by the front door and slipped it on.

Wesley stood by the door for a moment, silently contemplating. A fact that his mother noticed immediately.
She was just glad to see him actually going out, and to a party no less. She just hoped that he would not change his mind at this point, as he sometimes did at the thought of socializing somewhere outside of law school.
It was not like he was socially inept, he could just be somewhat socially awkward and occasionally backed out of plans because of it. “Are you ok, Dear?” She asked, keeping her tone casual.

“Yes. I am just trying to decide whether to walk or drive.”
Wesley considered it for a moment.
He felt good enough now, but he always grew weaker as the day went on, would he be too tired to walk back home by time the party was over?

“I’ll drive.” He conceded, the tiniest hint of defeat in his voice.
With that he reached for his very comforting green, fingerless gloves.

“Your taking those?” Vivian asked, mildly exasperated. “You look so handsome, do you really want to ruin that nice outfit with those tatty things?”

“They are not tatty.” He replied.

“Yes, well they are not exactly stylish either.” She retorted.

Wes loved his mother dearly, but he did liked to bother her snobbish side.
Vivian sighed and rolled her eyes as Wesley put the gloves in his pocket regardless of her comments.
A little impish smile grew on his face, “Don’t wait up.” He said lovingly, with a playful grin.

“Yeah, right.” Vivian replied. Her mild annoyance melting into amusement by his charm.
Like there was any chance Wes would be out until all hours of the morning. His Myasthenia gravis probably would not let him, even if he wanted to.

And with that Wes opened the door and headed out.
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A friend of a friend. (Ana) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A friend of a friend. (Ana)   A friend of a friend. (Ana) Clock10

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A friend of a friend. (Ana)

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